Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - August 20, 2009

Hey Gang,

Communion is this Sunday. I pray you will make it a top priority to be with your church as we engage together in this special time of spiritual connection. I have been so moved this week in preparation for Sunday’s message – The Gap Between APATHY & AWE. We’ll unpack one of the most descriptive chapters in the Bible, Revelation 4, and get a first-hand look into heaven. It’s a place of way cool worship.

Worship is a spiritual exercise that can be difficult to understand. On one hand, there’s the personal and reflective side, and on the other there’s the corporate and expressive side, with a whole lot of different experiences in between. The one constant in worship is the music portion, which is packed with different tastes and desires. I want to share what I felt was a very mature, positive response to the issue of musical style and taste from a member of our church family.

“I grew up during the Keith Green era. Though the traditional hymns always touched my heart, the new music Keith Green introduced during my late teens and early twenties really focused me. It wasn’t just that the music was “different;” it pierced the heart of people living in the world of that day. It was meaningful, insightful, and carried great impact for teens and young adult Christian lives. It was a NECESSARY part of Christian music’s development throughout the years. Necessary, I believe, because it reached those who were, like myself, used to very traditional church music, etc. And more importantly, it reached those who had no church exposure – because the message was riveting!”

Wow! What a heart for God and others. I am praying for Sunday as we get an inside look at worship in heaven and as we attempt to honor God here on earth with worship that is awe-inspired.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Ron

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