Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - August 13, 2009

Hey Gang,

Here’s one more reflection from the “Overcoming” backpack trip. We were in one of the difficult sections of the trip – physically, emotionally and mentally – when Ryan said, “We could see all of this on Google Earth from the comfort of our kitchen.” We all laughed because we knew what he meant. We’ve become accustomed, in our modern world, to observing or watching life instead of actually living it.

Recently, I had a moment of deep conversation with God and sensed Him saying to me, “Life can be lived two ways. You can be in it experiencing all that is there or you can be outside of it watching and imagining what it would be like to be there.” He gave me a picture that was a challenge to me. The picture was of a train going across the country, and I was in a beautiful rail car with windows from top to bottom, sitting on a soft couch, watching and observing life, nature, beauty and people, as it whipped by.

I sensed God asking me, “Which life are you living? One in which you’re just content to watch life from the observation deck or one in which you’re actively participating in each moment?” This caused me to do much soul searching, and it’s given me a new passion to live a life of purpose, being fully engaged in what is happening, rather than watching as others live life.

This Sunday we’re going to hear Jesus speak strong and poignant words to a church – people – who had come to the place where they were content with watching from the sidelines instead of being actively engaged in making life happen. This passive approach to their spiritual lives led them to become complacent and to lose the passion and joy that comes from being engaged in experiencing life.

Jesus says they had lost their fire; they had become lukewarm. Then He says, “I would rather you be cold than lukewarm, passively watching life. I want you to be hot with the passion that comes from being out where life is and not watching it on Google Earth or from a train car.”

Pastor Ron

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