Thursday, February 19, 2015

This is the key to our growth

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

The concept of engagement is so critical to our development as Followers of Jesus. Mark Hadley presented it so clearly on Sunday as he talked about the Pathway or Journey to a Transformed Life. Reality says that we only move forward by action. Not to act is to move backward and atrophy.
Mark clearly and creatively taught Dallas Willard’s VIM model of life transformation.

V = Vision: living as Jesus lived as His follower or apprentice
I must focus on the goal of growth

I = Intention: the decision to take steps toward that vision                       
I must intend to grow

M = Means: the method or catalysts that will lead to transformation
I must train if I’m going to grow

Mark also talked about evaluating where we are on a continuum so that we can have perspective on where we are in our progress of spiritual transformation. The goal is total surrender to Christ in every area of life. That is going to take work and effort. It is going to require empowerment from God and encouragement from others. This is not a journey we will walk alone. If you missed Sunday, please watch the service soon.

This Sunday morning we’re going to focus our attention on how we can engage in what God is doing in our church. I know our church is far from perfect, but we’re listening to God and following His lead as He uses us to lead as many people as possible into a growing and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. I am going to unpack some of what that means this week. I hope you’ll be there so that you can be informed and invested in what God is doing.

Engaging with you,

Saturday Prayer Focus: Persecuted Christians around the world. I’m sure you read about the deaths of 21 Coptic Christians at the hands of the terrorists called ISIS last week. Let’s pray for protection and for a worldwide response to the targeted killing and persecution against those who follow Jesus. Pray for protection of Christians and others who disagree with these extremists. Also, please pray for those who have been deceived by ISIS ideology.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church – Grass Valley. Please pray for Seth Kellerman and the Emmanuel Family as they seek to love our community and share the love of Christ. They asked us to pray “That the Lord opens our eyes to brokenness in the deep places and that we return to Him and when we return may we feel the grace of God in the blood of Christ wash us clean.”

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