Thursday, February 26, 2015

A story of prayer and impact

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I am so excited to celebrate Friend Day on Sunday. One of the action points from last week’s message concerning our mission to lead as many people as possible into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ is that we would winsomely invite people to attend our church. I am eager to hear how the invitations you’ve extended to your friends are going. Everything I read today still indicates that people would be willing to try church – if someone would just invite them. I am praying that you will be the one who reaches out and initiates that gracious invitation.

Two weeks ago, I heard a story that may inspire you. The sister of a woman in our church died and at her memorial service the story was told of how her name was written on the floor of our church before we put our carpet in. Just to let you know what that means – we had a special preview tour of our building before we moved in and at the end of the tour, we had an opportunity write names of family members and friends who didn’t know Jesus with prayers that they would come to experience Jesus and say “YES” to Him. Well, this woman wrote her sister’s name on our floor and then a few years later her sister said “YES” to Jesus.

After the service, the woman who attends our church said to the sister’s daughter, “Your name is written there as well, and I’m praying for you.” Folks God uses us as part of His family to help people see and know Jesus. Remember, there is no impact without contact. I am praying for all the friends and family members who are receiving their winsomely delivered invite from you.

Sunday is also our 23rd anniversary. I am still overwhelmed with joy at how God has used the dream of six families to build a church where people could experience His love and grow to become like Jesus. I will start a new series on Sunday called Simplify. Sunday’s message will lay the groundwork for a life of joy and peace as we learn to live in the “easy yoke” of Jesus.

Longing for a simple life,

Saturday Prayer Focus: Peace Lutheran Church, Grass Valley. Please pray for Tom Miller and the people of Peace Lutheran as they continue to share the love of Jesus through our community. Pray for them as they grieve the loss of longtime member and accompanist, Paul Perry. Paul Perry was a pillar in our community through his service with Music in the Mountains as well as his willingness to share his heart for music with his Peace Lutheran family.

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