Thursday, January 9, 2014

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Thirsty For His Spirit

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

We kicked off our new year and new series last week with an awesome service as Fritz Moga showed us God’s plan for refreshment from Isaiah 40. I loved your enthusiastic response to the message and series! I always love how God’s Spirit leads all the elements of a service to fit – even though we’re not always clear what is going to be spoken or sung.

This week Fritz told me how amazed he was at how every single song we sang fit his message perfectly. It moved him to know how personal God is – even in the smallest of details. I appreciate how our teams all work together, listening to God’s Spirit, to bring us the best. Thank you to each of you who serve so willingly to lead the rest of us into God’s holy presence.

We’re beginning 2014 by focusing on how God wants to renew us by bringing us close to Himself and His purpose for our lives. In this series we’re going to focus on RENEWING our vision for what God wants for us. We’re going to talk about how we each get stuck in life, and that if we’re going to change, we may just need a clarified vision, a committed intention and a clear action plan.

I know there is a big playoff game on Sunday. Go Niners! At the same time, we’re going to talk about a prayer you can pray that will impact your destiny much more than the score of a football game. I’ve been working on the content for this message since our prayer series last Fall and can’t wait to share it with you. If the game is important to you, why don’t you consider coming to the 8:00 service? Show God by your actions that you’re thirsty for His renewing Spirit.

Looking forward to being renewed through prayer,

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  1. I was so tired and weary last Sunday, after dealing with one family crisis and then another. After the Holidays I was wiped out and it seems that I was face to face with the enemy at every turn. I wanted to start the New Year out at TCC on the first Sunday, I am so grateful I went. The message was just the kind of refreshment I was in need of. I was the one who was silently weeping and feeling blessed, I asked God to take over my life and gave my worries to him. I feel much better, I feel as though I lost about 100 pounds in just one Sunday morning.