Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Great News!

Hey Friends and Family of TCC! Wow! Even though it was cold outside on Sunday, it was sure warm inside during our Celebration Services as we focused on what Proverbs has to say about our sexuality. I want to encourage every one of you to watch the service and listen for God’s view of sex. It was liberating! I really appreciated the comments about the sensitivity in the message even though it may have been uncomfortable at times.

I wanted to let you know some really good news and an answer to prayer. I had a check-up last week to see how my Hepatitis C was doing, and my doctor said it was still undetectable now after 18 months. He said, “Those kinds of sustained results give me the assurance to say that you are cured.” It’s taken a few days for that news to soak in, and I believe I’m finally able to release my fears of a relapse and celebrate what God has done. But that’s not all – my liver enzymes are also in the normal range which shows that my liver is in a solid place considering my last biopsy results showed that I have Cirrhosis. I want to praise God for His work and thank you for your faithfulness to pray. Please keep those prayers coming.

Speaking of prayer, will you also pray about our Year-End giving emphasis that is in full swing? The Year-End Gift is a way to say thanks to God for His generosity over the last 12 months. We typically use that money to help us better serve our community by improving our resources, engaging in new opportunities, and supporting our many Ministry Partners. This year, we believe the greatest way we can position our church to better serve our community in the future is through our Courtyard Project. Therefore, the majority of the Year-End Gift will be allocated to this project as we begin actual construction in March. Just to let you know, we still need approximately $300,000 in order to finish building. So please ask God and then give as He leads.

Thanking God for his marvelous grace and abundant provision,

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