Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Way To Go Church!

Hey Friends and Family of TCC! Way To Go! Those are the words of joy and gratitude I want to express to our church family as I reflect on the past week of life here at Twin Cities. It all began last Thursday when we transformed our parking lot into a carnival atmosphere for Fall Family Festival. Many of the people who gave of themselves to serve said this was the “best yet.” I agree. I know of several people who took the day off work in order to help make FFF go well. Over 3200 people came and spent their evening with us. I overheard two women talking. One of them said, “Can you believe how much fun our kids are having, and it’s FREE!” Another couple sent us an email thanking all the people who made this happen so they could have a safe place to bring their grandchildren. Thank you for helping us put our best foot forward and showing our community that “church” can be fun and real.

Second, when we shared the need for the Children’s Home in Uganda, you responded with amazing generosity by giving over $11,700. I love your hearts and wanted you to know that our Ugandan brothers and sisters will be overwhelmed by this show of love, support and concern. If you still want to give to help – the projected need is $15,000 – the best way is to give online to the El Shaddai World Ministries fund. Thank you.

Third, and this is possibly the most thrilling with the most measurable eternal impact, eleven people made first time commitments to Jesus Christ on Sunday. Eleven people made the choice to receive the grace of God made possible through the cross of Jesus Christ. It’s amazing that even in a series through the Old Testament book of Proverbs that God’s Spirit would work so strongly to make people aware of their need for a power greater than their own will. We all need a transforming encounter with Jesus Christ that changes our hearts. Thank you for being so concerned for your friends that you continue to invest in them and invite them to come hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

God is moving in our church, and I am so grateful that He is also moving in my life during this series on wisdom. On Sunday, we’ll talk about how to Be Wise With Our Anger. Inappropriate expressions of anger hurt so many people, but the Bible has great wisdom describing healthy ways to deal with it. Let’s come hear what God has to say.

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