Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Way To Go!

Hey Everyone,

I wish you could all have been a fly on the wall, as I was at Sisters’ Closet last Saturday. I drove into our parking lot at 8:15 and there was already a line weaving out onto the sidewalk as women arrived early to get the best deals. It reminded me of Black Friday only better because everything was FREE! As the shopping frenzy ended and the racks were picked over, the volunteers who made this event such a success were just glowing even though fatigued. Over 350 women, many from the community who cannot afford clothing at this time, came to be blessed by our church’s goal to Extend Compassion to as many people as possible.

I received this email later Saturday from a woman telling me how much this meant to her. “Please pass on my gratitude to all the women involved in making the Sisters’ Closet happen. I have been only working part-time for the last few months, and we are basically doing less than getting by. I have recently gotten an awesome full-time job that doesn’t pay great, but I needed some new clothes badly. I couldn’t see where I could take any funds from. So I made myself go to the Sisters’ Closet thinking if I only find one new blouse it would be worth it. After I arrived, I got to one clothes rack and this woman I had never seen before, started pulling blouses out for herself and for me. She just started giving them to me, saying ‘oh this would be great on you’ etc. You get my point. A dozen blouses later, and getting really a bit overwhelmed, I walked out with my one bag of clothes and the women at the front desk were all saying ‘Are you sure only one bag?’ I advised them I got what I needed and left crying and praising God for my Sisters’ in Christ Closet at the time I needed them most. You can guarantee that I will be volunteering to help out in the Fall for this is an awesome community outreach. Please let the ladies know they have truly blessed their Sister.”

Isn’t that amazing! Our D3 vision to help people Encounter God, Experience Community, and Extend Compassion is becoming more of a reality every day. I hope you’ll engage and see God use you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine – just because you stepped out.

This week, we continue our Unstuck series as we talk about changing our distorted thinking.

Getting unstuck together,

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