Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Relentless

Hey Everyone,

I am still pumped with adrenaline from Radiate last Saturday! I love the hearts of the people God calls here to be part of our church family. The most inspiring thing of the day was YOU! I love our church.

We gave a first look at our new Courtyard project, and the response was pretty thrilling. If you weren’t there, I will present it again on February 10 during our services. You’ll want to be there to hear about what God is doing. You’ll also want to go online and watch my talk from that day. I was fired up to share what I believe was God’s heart for us as a church in this next season of life.

Part of the reason I was so fired up is that I got a wake-up call recently. I received a call from my doctor saying that my recent colonoscopy showed that I had a pre-cancerous growth in my colon. The remedy described to me was immediate surgery to remove the portion of my colon impacted by this growth. My surgery was Monday, January 28.

That call caused me to wake up to the reality that life for each of us could be briefer than we want or intend, and therefore, we need to be more urgent and as I said on Saturday “RELENTLESS” in sharing Jesus with our world!

The good news is that my surgery is supposed to be a 100% cure! Yeah! The even better news is that everyone who says “Yes” to Jesus receives a 100% cure of their sin disease. They are guaranteed a future in Heaven. I’m so excited that God has given us this mission together. Let’s be urgent and relentless in our pursuit of Jesus as we share Him with our world.

This Sunday, we’ll learn how Jesus overcame temptation. We can learn from Him how to overcome the temptations we face.

Seeking Jesus with you,

Pastor Ron

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