Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Monthly Food Drive!

Hey Everyone,

I am praying for you today. My prayer is that you would experience Jesus more and more in your life. Last summer I picked up a book called “The Jesus Life” that gave me a way to look at the work God wants to do in me in a whole new way. The premise is this: We can become more like Jesus as we do the things Jesus did.

Last Sunday we talked about the habits Jesus did as part of His normal life. I began the morning with this quote from “The Jesus Life.”

Life like Jesus is not a set of doctrines or a list of rules to be followed. It is an organic, non-institutional way of life. The Jesus life is a living, breathing reality that is more and better than we’ve dreamed! Creating a new rhythm of life will require thought, prayer and God’s help. If we are stuck in old ways – old patterns of living – we must break them and establish Jesus’ ways. Each day, each week, each month that we move with Jesus in rhythm, we learn the cadence of how He lived His life. As we look closely at the way Jesus lived His life, we see that His life becomes as valuable for us to learn from as His teachings. His way to do life becomes our way to live life. By accepting His way, we find our way, a life that is far different from voices of the twenty first century, which only know three words: busy, busy, busy.

If you missed Sunday, you will want to watch it online before you come this week. Our “Like Jesus” series is designed to help us realize that part of the reason Jesus impacted His world in such a dynamic way is that He was connected to His heavenly Father. He did things – we call them spiritual disciplines – that will over time draw us closer to God and help us be more like Jesus over time.

I hope you will come Sunday as we look at Praying Like Jesus.

Seeking Jesus with you,

Pastor Ron

Reminder: Our Monthly Food Drive is this Sunday!

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