Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody! Can I just brag about you? When we started our church one of the core values we listed on our program each week was “Every Member A Minister.” Our church was built on the firm belief that God calls all His children to be involved in serving His kingdom activities. In fact, it’s only as we serve together that we are able to accomplish His purposes for our church and individual lives.

Our SPLASH picnic was just another example of how our church still owns the value of serving. I could never begin to list every person who served, but I’m going to mention some of our ministries who linked arms together and made our picnic a splashing success.

Huge Thanks Go To:
  • The Men’s Ministry for preparing and cooking over 350 incredibly delicious meals
  • The 55+ Empty Nesters for coordinating and keeping things on track
  • The Women’s Ministry for organizing and serving the food
  • The Children’s Ministry for providing fun “get all wet” games for kids
  • The Reach Team for assisting the 20+ people getting baptized
  • The CR Team for helping with set up and tear down of all the tents and tables
  • The Denny Russell Band for creating such a fun vibe
  • The Dunk Tank folks for helping us enjoy soaking our pastors
  • The Facility Care Team for transporting tables and chairs
  • The ERT Team for keeping us safe and handling emergencies
  • The Celebration Arts Team for providing sound during the baptisms
  • The people with great attitudes during the food serving delays
  • The Welcome Tent Greeters who helped people find their way
  • The Bus Drivers who helped us move people with ease
  • The Video Team who created that awesome Splash Video
  • The people who said, “How can I help?” and made life easier for everyone
  • Our God, who provides everything for our enjoyment

And all of this in the 95 degree heat… Thank you to EVERYONE! We’re all Ministers!

This weekend we wrap up “The Jesus Stories” by looking at the “Parable of the Vineyard Workers.” If you want, you can read the story before you come on Sunday in Matthew 20:1-16.

Listening to Jesus with you,

Pastor Ron

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