Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - March 3, 2011

Hey everybody, last Sunday was amazing with the beautiful (yet frustrating) snow and power outages (mine came on Sunday afternoon). I am so thankful for our team who made sure the parking lot was clear so that we were ready to meet with God. I was somewhat disappointed in how many people were still snowed in or power stranded which impacted our attendance greatly. If you weren’t here, though, you missed me improvising and speaking while walking around the room. As I keep saying, you never know what you’ll miss if you’re not here.

A highlight from last weekend was how many of you chose to give even though you couldn't be here. Our online giving was used by more people last weekend than any weekend since we began using it. You might try this handy tool for giving – especially those times when you just can’t get here.

Another bright spot was the passion we felt about Friend Day and engaging in God’s eternal purposes together. Folks, there are people in your world who are just a breath away from a Christ-less eternity. You have been placed in your world to be an Ambassador – a representative of the God most high – to share His love. A great way to do that is to invite your friends to our quality, friendly, inspiring Sunday service. Make sure to pray and ask God, “Who do you want me to invite this week?”

I begin a new series called, “Relationslips: Restoring Harmony to Relationships.” I can’t think of any greater need we have than to know how to resolve and work through inevitable conflict and pain. We’ll devote our Sundays all the way to Easter talking about how to fight for unity in relationships and how to make repairs to damaged ones.

Praying the Prayer of Jabez with you,

Pastor Ron

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