Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - March 24, 2011

Hey gang, Victory Night was AMAZING! I know many of you missed this great experience. Even with the rain and snow, 500+ people showed up to celebrate all God did in our church and through our church in 2010. Unfortunately, we were not able to record Sunday night so you’ll have to wait for our next one to get in on the experience.

Sunday evening followed an equally amazing Sunday morning service. I was so moved by the creative experience our Celebration Arts Team put together for us on Sunday. The music we sang and the mood that was established really set us up for the feature song and dance that was part of our talk on anger. These elements allowed us to see the truth that we all struggle with uncontrolled anger at times and opened up our hearts to hear the truth from God’s word.

This Sunday we’re going to focus on the upside of conflict. I’ll talk about establishing a conflict covenant and how we can work toward peace after our “Relationslips.” We’ll highlight four agreements that will help move a conflict from anger, frustration or hurt to peace and reconciliation. We’ll also get a chance to focus on a new ministry team whose sole purpose is to help people resolve conflict in a way that honors God using biblical principles.

I want to draw your attention to “Fish Eyes” on April 2. Please consider inviting your friends to this quality theater event as we see Jesus through the eyes of two of His disciples. You’ll have a great time and learn about Jesus as well. This is a great opportunity created just for you to invite your friends to experience our church.

Praying the Jabez Challenge with you,

Pastor Ron

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