Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - January 6, 2011

Hey everybody, we’re beginning 2011 with a wonderful opportunity to hear from God. On Sunday, Rick Henderson, one of our pastors overseeing Student Ministry, spectacularly launched our new “Radical” series with an inspiring message on the power of reading the Bible. If you missed it, make sure to watch or listen online. I am so grateful for the way God has developed the team of speakers and leaders here at Twin Cities. We are blessed in a huge way with the men and women God has gifted and called to serve here with us.

Speaking of calling, on Sunday we are going to look at what it means to be a Radical Follower of Jesus. From the research I’ve done, the books I’ve read and the voices I’ve heard, the consensus is that the “church” has done a disservice to the world by misrepresenting (albeit innocently) what it means to be a Christian.

I hope to unpack this on Sunday and help us realize that Jesus never intended us to sign up for Christianity or religion, but He called us to become disciples. He called us to be men and women who follow Him with all of our lives.

This series is crucial in us being able to understand what kind of church God wants us to be in the coming decade. 2011 is our preparation year as we look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2012. We want to seek His face desperately over the next year, together, so that we can get in touch with His unique purpose for us.

Becoming radical with you,

Pastor Ron

ps. Please pray for my wife, Kimberly, and Janene Bello who left Thursday morning to serve our sister church in Uganda. Pray for courage and boldness for them and for spiritual breakthrough in everyone attending the Bugembe World Miracle Center Women’s Conference!

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