Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - December 29, 2010

Hey everybody, as we wrap up 2010, I want to share a couple of thoughts with you about the year we just went through. This was a year of challenge and transition for most of us, including our church. God seems to allow us to go through times like this to help us recalibrate our lives back around His purposes.

As difficult as times have been, I see such tremendous spiritual growth and development. One young man stopped me last Sunday and said, “We’ve been here a year now. We came Christmas Eve last year, and we’ve really grown. I am finishing my first year ever to read through the Bible, and I’ve seen such growth as I’ve faithfully made reading it a priority.”

This Sunday we’re going to begin 2011 with a strong challenge to become Radical with Him in the coming year. We’ll begin Sunday by talking about the whole concept of being resolved to become like Jesus . If you’re like me, you’ve made “New Year’s Resolutions” before only to break them just weeks into the year. Resolve goes much deeper. On Sunday, we’ll see how resolving to read the Bible consistently is probably the best tool to help us know God and grow.

Because we’re at the end of the year, the best way to give and get credit for it for your 2010 tax purposes is to give online. You can click on this link and follow the easy instructions. All gifts must be given by the end of the day December 31 to be credited to your 2010 giving records. You’ll also want to know that our office will be closed at noon on Thursday and not open again until Sunday.

Looking forward to a new year with you!

Pastor Ron

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