Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - January 20, 2011

Hey everybody, I want to talk about one way we’ve seen God bless our church so much in the past year. Last January I made a list of potential speakers for Sunday mornings (there were six) and began to pray about what God might have next for us in our teaching ministry.

Last week, we heard from the last person on that list, Fritz Moga, and based upon your responses, we’re on to something. You really enjoyed hearing from Fritz. If you weren’t here, make sure to watch or listen to the service online. Fritz did a superb job as he encouraged us to be part of “Radical Community.”

The principle I’m operating from is this: People love variety. If you serve the same meal again and again, your family will get tired of it no matter how good it is. The same is true with everything we do. So, over the past year both Dave Bollen and I have been looking at ways to increase the involvement and variety of experience you get on Sunday mornings.

We’ve done that by increasing our teaching rotation to six speakers. We’ve increased our music/worship leader rotation as well. We’ve also changed up our message and music content. We still have relevant messages and awesome music, but we now are seeking to be more intentional in being broader in selection and style. We feel this fits with where our culture is and coincides with all we learned from the Reveal study we did two years ago about how people grow in their journey with Jesus.

I believe we’re on track to help people grow by offering different styles and voices from which our experience will be gleaned. I look forward to all God is going to do in the next year to help us be even more strategic at reaching people.

Speaking with more intentionality,

Pastor Ron

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