Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - November 4, 2010

Hey everybody, Sunday was so much FUN! I am always amazed at your heart of service and giving to our community. It began with Friend Day as so many new people came to hear about GRACE. Four people made first time public commitments to Jesus Christ! Thank you for trusting Twin Cities so much that you would invite your friends to join you. Make sure to extend those invitations again this week because we’re going to look at another encounter with God’s relentless grace.

Fall Family Festival was such a huge success! Over 3500 people made their way onto our campus and as most of them left they expressed appreciation and gratitude for the gift they had received. Over 375 volunteers served in some capacity as part of the FFF team led by Stephen and Kimala DeSena. Thank you to all of you.

Many of you have heard about our Community Groups emphasis designed to activate us to serve with our Community Partners and in our neighborhoods in 2011. Well, we don’t want to wait until 2011 to begin so as the holidays approach, our Community Impact Teams will provide opportunities where we can serve and give.

One big idea being finalized is our TCC Community Pavilion. It’s going to be directly in front of our building. We’ll have a large pavilion and barbecue area, grass, volleyball, and other lawn games to help us build relationships and serve our community. We were able to pick up some picnic tables for a steal that will go onto that space. Since the tables were not in our budget, some Community Groups have decided to buy a table. If your Community Group wants to participate, each table cost $450. You can give to the TCC Community Pavilion Project.

May you experience God’s GRACE in your life – today!

Pastor Ron

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