Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - September 23, 2010

Hey everybody, this Sunday we observe Communion together. I know Communion has always been part of my spiritual growth and is a great way to get re-tuned and charged up. As we focus on living “Wide Open,” I think it’s significant to follow the words of Jesus to remember Him. The Bible has called the church to participate in two observances or sacraments. They are baptism and Communion. It’s my desire that you will join your church family as we have a guided time of remembering Jesus Christ and our commitment to Him.

We’re about to gear up for one of the biggest Reach projects in the life of our church family. Fall Family Festival is an opportunity to give to a huge segment of our community. Over 3526 people came onto our campus last year and enjoyed our fun, food and free candy. In order for FFF to work, we need everyone in our church to engage at some level.

Here are three ways you can participate: First, you can serve. It takes a huge crew of people manning game booths, cooking food, setting up and tearing down in order for this event to succeed. Last year 240 people served. We need more. Will you serve? Second, you can give. Last year we gave away 1725 pounds of candy. Kids will go home happy if they have candy. Will you give? Last, you can invite. We will have invitation cards available for you to hand out to the families in your neighborhood. We will have posters that you can hang up at your business. Will you invite? You can get information about all of this at the Special Events Table beginning Sunday.

Holding Nothing Back,

Pastor Ron

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