Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - September 16, 2010

Hey everybody, our “Wide Open” series has really been different than many people might have expected. Last Sunday was just such a day. The number one comment I received from Sunday was, “Wow!” One woman stopped me and said, “I was so moved the entire day that I just cried through it.” I’m not saying that tears are always the sign of a great day at Twin Cities, but I do know that our message “Living for A Higher Cause” was so moving as we looked at how God has shown His glory throughout time. And then to think that He’s now placed His glory in those who know Him. That is just amazingly humbling. We have such a huge calling to show Him to our world.

I want to remind us all on this Thursday that God called us to “hold nothing back” as we live for His glory. Remember that means “Whatever we eat or drink or do, we do for the glory of God.”

G – Give Myself To God Passionately

L – Love And Serve Others Compassionately

O – Obey God’s Word Devotedly

R – Reflect And Share God’s Love Clearly

Y – Yield To God’s Purposes Completely

That first idea – Give Myself To God Passionately – is a simple way of saying, “Worship God with all that I am.” That’s what we’ll talk about this week. We’ll unpack the concept that God designed worship to be what we do with all of who we are each moment of our week, not just on Sunday. I hope you’re eager to stand wide open before God as you live each day.

Holding Nothing Back,

Pastor Ron

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