Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - September 2, 2010

Hey everybody, Daniel was the last of the thirty-three people who went public for Jesus Sunday, as the sun was setting at Lake Wildwood. His story is an amazing account of God’s relentless pursuit of those who need Him and the power of prayer for those who are hurting. Daniel’s grandmother, who attends our church, had been asking us to pray for him for some time. He has a rare auto-immune disease that almost took his life.

One day while in the hospital, literally close to death, he turned his life over to God’s care. Up until then he was very angry at God about his condition and misdiagnosis that almost cost him his life. Daniel still struggles with his disease, but now he has the spirit of Jesus in Him giving him hope for his future. His story is just one of the many from Sunday. I am so grateful for our church and the belief we have in God’s power to heal and change lives.

Speaking of prayer and healing, if you missed last Sunday, it would be awesome if you watched the service online or got a copy of the CD when you’re here again. We covered prayer and faith and how they work together for healing in our lives.

This week we begin a brand new series that I believe will be a serious shot in the arm for us. We’re going to focus in on the concept of passionately responding to God with all that we are. That is our definition for worship. The series is called “Wide Open: Hold Nothing Back.” I am so excited for what God is going to do in His people as we learn better what it means to live lives of complete devotion to Him.

Holding Nothing Back,

Pastor Ron

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