Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - June 3, 2010

Hey everybody, My kids are finishing up another school year this week. This has been a season of growth, adjustment and new horizons for our family. I look forward to the summer months to process and reflect together on how things have gone and talk about changes we might make for next year.

Our church is also coming to the end of another strong ministry season in which we’ve experienced growth, adjustment and new horizons. We’ve seen growth. It’s not the kind of growth we’ve experienced in the past where we saw our attendance grow rapidly. In fact, we’ve had a slight decrease in attendance in the past few months. This has caused us to stop and ask hard questions, which I believe will lead to more sustainable growth in the future.

We’ve also been through adjustments. While we celebrate Pastor David’s new calling in Fresno, his departure has left a hole in our organization and church. He was a very diligent and gifted worker, and therefore his absence has created a significant vacuum. I am grateful to our staff and volunteer leaders who have stepped in to fill the gap as we have adjusted to a new normal.

We’re also peering into some new horizons. God is helping us see His huge compassionate heart for the lost and hurting. For 18 years now we’ve been focused on reaching people for Jesus and passionately pursuing Him together so we can continue reaching people for Jesus. We strongly believe God is calling us to stay focused on that vision in the future because that’s who He has called us to be, and He’s always blessed that vision. The new horizons before us rise from efforts of our Community Impact Team helping us meet the needs of people both locally and globally. It’s going to be awesome to walk with Him as we discover the new ways He wants us live out His mission.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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