Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - April 29, 2010

Hey everybody, Relationship struggles seem to really get us down. I recently was at an event where someone said, “If I could just get my relationships in order, then I could handle the rest of the stuff coming my way.” Can you relate? In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that my conversations with people most often have to deal in some way with a relational “issue” they want me to pray for or help with. The difficult financial times and fast-paced lives we lead just seem to add to the complexity of already complicated relational dynamics.

As we said two weeks ago, EVERYBODY’S WEIRD, which includes me and you. At the same time we learned that we’re not complete without connections with other people. It’s easy to love God, but to love people, well that’s where the real rubber hits the road. This Sunday we will be devoting our service to learning key action steps we can take to develop deep friendships.

We all have acquaintances, but I wonder how many of us have one or two authentic, deep relationships. We need them, but how do we do the work to form them and then to nourish them? Well, make sure to be in church this week, and we’ll unpack that in a very practical way. We will have a funny drama that I believe we will all be able to relate to. We’ll either see ourselves in it or someone we know.

I am so glad you are my friend,

Pastor Ron

p.s. Begin planning now to bring your kids, grandkids, and neighbor kids to our Day Camp this summer. Pastor Bobby and the whole Children’s Ministry Team are preparing a great experience! This is a really great time for kids to see how much fun church can be. Click here for more info.

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