Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - April 15, 2010

Hey everybody, I had no idea when God laid out the “Hang In There” series for us that I would need it so much personally. God even used the stage design to speak to me. It was a very difficult day when I opened a document containing a couple of week’s worth of work and found that I had lost the final 30%, which for me was the hardest, most creative and least likely to be remembered. As I looked at my computer, I said, “I think I’m going to cry.”

Patrick, our IT guy, told me that the file was probably not salvageable. So I went into the auditorium just to get away from everybody. I didn’t want folks to see their 53 year old Senior Pastor cry.

While I was sitting and praying, I looked up and my eyes were drawn to the “Hang In There” sign. It was as if God was crying out through a megaphone, “HANG IN THERE!!!” I felt He was speaking right to me. So I got up, and with growing confidence in my step went back to start over. I soon discovered how God had taken care of me. We are contracted with a company who manages our computers, and they were able to get back the entire document except the last 5% or so. WOW!

God met me through the stage design. He also met me as I prepared each talk of this series. I say all of this for you – you never know when or how God is going to speak. I encourage you to be here each week so you’re present when He cries out the message you need.

See you Sunday as we begin our new series, “Relational Intelligence.” We all need this series if we’re going to show Jesus to our world by the way we love each other.

Pastor Ron

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