Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - April 1, 2010

Hey everybody,

You may have heard the phrase “It’s Friday now, but Sunday’s coming!” The quote comes from an old sermon and is generally used is to make a statement that it may look like you’re having a Good Friday kind of day, but to take heart, because just as the crucifixion of Jesus did not have the final say for Him, your Good Friday type of day won’t either. Sunday was coming, and Jesus was raised from the dead, and that gives us great hope as we face the difficulties in this life. I have been in sort of a Good Friday couple of weeks with this walking pneumonia, and as I walk forward toward health, I do so knowing that Sunday is coming.

Last weekend at our Journey 101 Class one person made this comment: “I attended Twin Cities every Christmas Eve for several years. This year, I was intrigued by the new series “Create Space,” so I decided to give church a try. My wife and I have been here almost every week since. I’m taking steps I never imagined - even reading my Bible.”

You may have been inviting someone to Easter service for years, and they either didn’t come or came and didn’t come back. The story of this man in 101 is the story for so many. People move toward God when they are ready. Our job is not to get people to change, but to invite them to be in the presence of the One who can change them. Invite your friends this Easter and be part of the moment their hearts are awakened toward God as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus together.

I almost forgot this: 32 PEOPLE ARE BEING BAPTIZED in our services this weekend. Looking forward to Easter with you,

Pastor Ron

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