Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - March 18, 2010

Hey Everybody,

Easter is one of those “pump me up” days that I always look forward to. This year we plan on experiencing the resurrection as we celebrate with the men, women and children who will be baptized. Let me encourage you (you might even call it a challenge) to make Easter 2010 a date you will always remember by participating in your own baptism. We’ll have classes on March 21 and 28 at 9:35, and then we’ll baptize in all four Easter services.

The past two weeks, I have shared how God is leading us to live for Him as we walk together into the future. I mentioned four key ideas: 1. God wants us to be people who are surrendered to Him in worship. 2. God wants us to give our lives away to reach those who need Him most. 3. God wants us to be people who are continually growing and being transformed. 4. God wants us to impact our community as we live missionally in our neighborhood Community Groups.

Here are two more key ideas of what God wants us to be in this next season. First, we believe He is calling us to even greater levels of generosity and financial stewardship. It’s essential for our church’s future influence that we become even more generous through our tithes and offerings if we’re going to have the impact God has laid on our hearts.

Second, we believe God wants us to raise the level of service inside our church, to serve those who come, and outside our church, to serve those who need to experience His love. I ask you to be in prayer as we continue these conversations.  Make it a point to set aside Sunday morning to be in church this week as we focus on courage.

Pastor Ron

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