Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - February 4, 2010

Hey Everybody,

Our church began with a clear purpose – to reach those who had given up on God and church or didn’t yet know their need for Him and help them discover the love of God through Jesus Christ. That purpose drove every decision we made, every dollar we invested, and every prayer we prayed. We talked a lot in the early days about who we were as a church which kept our passion hot and our generosity open.

I have to admit that since we moved here to our wonderful facility five years ago, we’ve gotten soft on that vision and purpose. Sure, we’re reaching more people than ever, and we’re seeing hundreds of people each year choose Jesus Christ. But, we’re also spending a lot of energy and brain power considering competing demands and desires – all good – trying to determine what kind of church we’re going to become in the future.

Who are we and why are we here? Those are the questions I’m going to begin answering this weekend as we gather together as a church family to listen to God. I’m praying you will make it a priority to be here this week and listen, so you can begin praying with me about our future as a church.

This down time in our economy and culture is causing many of us to step back and evaluate our priorities. I am excited to do this as a church, and I really believe that our best days as a church are still ahead. I’m not a blind optimist. I understand we live in a tough reality. But, I am a Biblical optimist. I believe God wants our church to succeed, and I, for one, am going to listen to Him about my part.

Listening to God with you,

Pastor Ron

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