Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - January 7, 2010

Hey Everybody,

I was enthused by your response on Sunday as we began another year of Bible reading. A majority of you agreed to begin reading the Bible regularly so that you could know Him better. I prayed for your resolve today.

I want to tell you about a recent experience when God spoke to me through His word. In the days preceding my recent trip to Uganda, I had many things to check off a very long to-do list. I was going to be gone for 11 days, which meant I had a whole pile of personal, family and work things to take care of. I was running at a pretty fast pace. Kimberly even had to pack for me as I ran full speed until I left for the airport that morning at 5:30.

I sat down in my assigned seat ready to leave, already missing my family and feeling a sense of worry that was exacerbated by my fatigue. As the plane was about to taxi to the runway and depart, I opened my Bible and journal to begin chronicling God’s movement in me and through me on the adventure ahead. I had a mixture of fear and anticipation as I sat there that morning.

The reading for the day (using our reading plan) was Psalm 121. I love how God was so personal that His word would speak clearly to me that morning, encouraging me to trust Him with my family, our church, the unknowns ahead of me, the message I still had to prepare for the Sunday in Uganda, and my concerns over my health. I don’t have space to put the Psalm here. I want to suggest that you read it yourself and let God speak to you about what you need from Him today.

I want to encourage you to be in church this Sunday. We have a great experience planned that I believe will inspire and challenge us to do whatever it takes to create space for God.

Creating space to hear God’s voice,

Pastor Ron

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