Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - November 19, 2009

Hey Gang,

Last week I wrote to you from Uganda, Africa. I returned home on Sunday night after a two week trip to serve with our sister church there. I was amazed by what God is doing through our support of this incredibly vision-driven church. I am even more certain God has called us to work with the people there who, at great personal sacrifice, give themselves so that people can know Jesus Christ.

I was humbled by what I would have labeled as personal sacrifice from my American mindset. I was humbled by what I saw happening in some very desolate places as men and women, who had been changed by Jesus Christ, took their new understanding about God and Jesus home to their loved ones and neighbors. I prayed that each of us would develop such a strong sense of personal calling to share Jesus with our friends and neighbors.

At some point I hope to be able to share more about my experience there. Thank you for your prayers for our health and safety. The only issue I had was the attack of jetlag now that I am home. I had thought I’d be the only human being on earth who didn’t have to recover from such an experience and all the travel, but it hit me like a ton of bricks on Monday evening after a full day of work and several meetings. Shows I’m more human than I want to admit.

Speaking of being human, one of the things we all have in common is that we sin. It’s true. We all sin. Well, this week we’re going to look to the Lord’s Prayer and learn how to remove the guilt and regret so many of us carry because of our own sin, or the hurt and resentment we carry from the sin of others against us.

This week is essential for those who want to know the joy of the freedom we have in Jesus.

Pastor Ron

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