Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - November 12, 2009

Hey Gang,

I’m writing from Bugembe Uganda this week. I sensed God’s calling me to travel to Uganda for quite some time. Pastor Robert had been inviting me. As you know, Kimberly, my wife, traveled to Uganda in October 2008, and she had been encouraging me to go, as well. I am so glad God made the way for me to be here with this trip to train pastors. It’s been absolutely one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

God is doing a tremendous work here in Uganda, and you are part of it. I know it’s difficult sometimes for some folks to get the vision for work so far away from home when there is so much need in our own backyard. I have felt that way before myself. Well, never again will I feel that. Not only is the need beyond my comprehension – beyond anything even remotely close to the needs in our back yard – but the people here are sacrificing beyond anything you would ever believe to meet those needs. I have NEVER seen faith like I see here.

I guess with big need and big vision that big faith is necessary. It’s so moving. We have somewhere around 80 pastors and leaders representing 39 churches and 2 orphanages – most of which have sacrificed tremendously just to attend –being trained in how to know their Bible better. Think of that: 39 churches will have pastors who are better equipped to teach and grow the constant flow of new followers of Jesus Christ.

Your giving makes all of this possible. I know it’s hard to comprehend, so I want to encourage each of you to come here with a future team. But, a word of warning: If you come, you will never be the same.

This Sunday at TCC, Pastor John will talk about trusting God for His provision in our lives. I know you will want to come so you can get God’s Vantage Point on your circumstances.
Can’t wait to get home and see you,

Pastor Ron

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