Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This week at Twin Cities- July 23, 2009

Hey Gang,

This week, I am engaged in a hobby that is a renewed passion for me, backpacking in the Sierra. Part of the thrill is sharing this with my son Ryan. It’s a great time for us to be alone and disconnected from distractions and texting (he’s not fond of that part).

What I’ve discovered is that backpacking has a way of giving me perspective.

Last summer was an amazing re-entry into this strenuous and adventurous hobby after an eight year hiatus. I had forgotten how exhilarating it is to be alone in nature with good friends. Four of us went on a hike that one person had previously been on several years earlier. Each day we would tease him about how inaccurate his memory was regarding how far we had to go or how difficult the way would be.

The lesson for me was: The guide can make a huge difference in how you view reality. On Sunday we’re going to look at a group of people from Revelation 2:18-29 who had developed a faulty view of reality. They were facing a values issue which God wanted them to deal with. The issue: placing tolerance above truth. An issue we face in our time as well.

Our guide for this study of truth and tolerance is Jesus Himself. As our sure guide and Good Shepherd, He is always available to help us hold to values that matter. Truth must always come before tolerance. I think you’ll find this week to be enlightening. He knows the path, and never has memory lapses about the direction or difficulty ahead.

What I’ve discovered is that Jesus loves to help us on our journey by giving us His perspective. I want to see the world through His eyes.

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