Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - July 16, 2009

Hey Gang,

This week at Twin Cities we’ll talk about how to have clarity when our circumstances leave us confused and feeling “in the dark.” We want to see, but the problems we face loom so large that they block our view of the horizon.

I have had the privilege of seeing the horizon without ANY obstructions this past week. Each morning I have gotten up before 4:00 and driven my mom 130 miles each way to her morning radiation appointments. She would receive her treatment, and we would hop back in the car for the return trip from Amarillo to her home in the Oklahoma Panhandle – of course she now knows where every Starbucks is in Amarillo.

I grew up in this part of the country, and each time I come home I am reminded of how much it soothes my soul to have an unobstructed view of the horizon. We all like that kind of view in life where we are able to see clearly before we take each step in our journey. No surprises.

In times like we’re facing, there’s no way to see just where we’re headed – the horizon is blocked by circumstances and uncertainty. Life requires trust. The big question for us is this: in what or whom will we trust?

This Sunday we look at people who were living in very uncertain times, and we’re going to learn from them how to have clarity when times get confusing. I believe you’ll find it very insightful. Even though it’s not going to give you the kinds of views of the horizon I’ve had this week as I’ve been driving, I believe it will help you know how to take the next step God has for you. Make sure to read Revelation 2:13-17 to prepare to hear from God.

I have loved the extra time I’ve had to pray for you this week as I’ve watched some incredible sunrises.

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