Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - June 4, 2009

Hey Gang,

I have had the privilege to speak to several people in our church and community lately about our current economic woes. It’s amazing to me how this downturn has impacted people. I hear of people making different choices concerning spending and consumption. All of a sudden, last year’s summer fashion looks appealing. The old car drives better than ever. The vacation will be at home this year or we’ll just go visit relatives or friends.

It’s a time of recalibration as we take honest looks at our spending patterns and consumer driven indulgence over the past few years. “Upgrade” became an automatic decision for something new. “Sale” was a license to spend because we might never get this deal again. “Credit Cards and Home Equity” were used as part of our income streams in some cases.

This week, we begin a two-part message on how to recalibrate our desires and finances. We’re going to go right to God’s word and let Him direct our paths. He is the one who promised to meet the desires of our hearts when we are right with Him. These talks will not be about guilt; they will be about grace. We all need this because “everything is different now.”

I’m praying that you will make these two weeks a priority.

Pastor Ron

Did you know? Registration for Kids, Jr. High, and High School camps are in full swing. It has been our experience that significant life-change and transformation is possible when a kid is away from home and in a spiritually charged environment like a camp. Make sure to get your kids signed up early. If money is an issue, or if you’d like to give extra so that a kid can go to camp, please contact Pastor Bobby or Pastor Mark.

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