Saturday, May 30, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - May 28, 2009

Hey Gang,

We’re observing Communion this Sunday. The Bible never teaches us to celebrate Christmas, but it does tell us to celebrate Communion. Communion is the time when we remember the cross. I am always blown away by the concept that Jesus knew before He died that we would take His death for granted unless He built in a time for us to remember.

The cross, then, becomes the main focal point in all time to show us the extravagant love of God. He allowed His Son to die a cruel and harsh death in order to meet the righteous requirement for my sin.

In our Journey 101 Class, I teach how to prepare for Communion. Let me remind you so you can come ready to meet with God this week.

• Ask God To Examine Your Life

• Agree With His Probing Spirit

• Re-align Yourself With His Purposes

• Pray For Your Relational Fractures

Our service on Sunday will be designed to lead us to a place where we can experience the love God has for us through the cross. We’re talking about “Recalibrating Our Hearts.” This Sunday has tremendous potential to shake us all up in a good way for Christ. The current crisis is being called the “Great Recession.” Wouldn’t it be great if it became the “Great Revival” because God’s people got their hearts right with Him?

Looking forward to eating the bread and drinking the juice with you, my family and friends,

Pastor Ron

By the way… You might want to come out and enjoy the atmosphere Saturday morning at 8:00 for “Run For The Community.” We’ll have a band, lots of people and excitement as we sponsor this annual event for our community of runners. This is a great way to live out the 2010 Plan: 24 Months of Love.

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