Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - June 25, 2009

Hey Gang,

Time seems to fly, doesn’t it? Even though time is a constant, there are certain areas of life where it seems to just speed by. Summer is one of those seasons. I know from growing up in the Oklahoma Panhandle that summers seemed to whiz by and then school was in again. Summer was a time I remember well.

Summer was a time to visit relatives or just get away to a place where we could see trees. Summer was a time of sunburn, Kool-aid, baseball, swimming, grasshoppers and locusts. Summer was a time for family.

I hope you invest yourself in making summer memories – no matter your stage of life. You only get summer of 2009 once so make the most of it by spending time with family, friends and God. Yes, God. Many people check out on pursuing God in the summer. They stop their pursuit, they fall short in their giving, and they end up dropping their involvement.

I know from watching people over the years that it takes many weeks to make God a regular part of life, but it only takes a few before those habits wane. Make this summer a time when you include God in all you do. Look for a church wherever you are on vacation. Keep your financial commitments to our church by giving regularly so we’re running smoothly when you get back. If you’re here in town, come to church. We want to see you.

Our summer series begins this week. It’s called “Mind the Gap.” I haven’t had this much anticipation and eagerness for a summer series in a long time. We’re going to take a trip through the Revelation chapters 1-4. You won’t want to miss a single week of this transformational, inspiring and mind-expanding series.

Spending my summer walking with God and you,

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