Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - May 7, 2009

Hey Gang,

I want to designate this space to a truly inspiring woman, Sharon Petersen. After a 14-year battle with cancer, Sharon went home to her heaven last week. Cancer is an ugly killer that creates suffering and cuts life short. As difficult as cancer is, though, I don’t want to focus on cancer. I want to focus on Sharon. 

Sharon won her battle with cancer. Her victory began with her pursuit of God. She was passionate about knowing and experiencing all of God. She didn’t just want religion or church. She wanted to know God. So she ran after Him with vigor. She learned to read the Bible and experience Him. She learned to pray in  a way that made you feel as if you had been with God yourself. She learned to love others and give herself compassionately. 

When cancer struck and struck again, she walked forward with faith laying her future in the hands of the One she had come to love. She died peacefully in her home, with her husband and daughters standing around her praying and singing her into heaven. She had the victory. Cancer didn’t win. She is now free. 

On Tuesday we celebrated her life, and as sad as we were, the auditorium was electric with a joy that comes from being certain of what lies beyond death. We experienced a joy that comes from celebrating a life well lived and a legacy well forged. Those of us who knew Sharon will always remember her impact in our lives. The legacy she leaves is certainly within the realm of every person. She made choices to pursue God passionately,  and those choices made her into the woman we celebrated. 

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers. I hope you’ll be here as we focus on the value a Godly woman has in our lives. 

Pastor Ron

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