Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - May 14, 2009

Hey Gang,

Today, our staff had the privilege of hearing about the growth of Christianity in China from a member of our church who travels there to train key leaders and pastors in basic Bible skills. It was absolutely stimulating to hear of the courageous faith it takes someone in this dark land to stand up for the “real” Jesus. We discovered that they do have government sanctioned churches, but that they are empty of the true gospel and power of Jesus Christ. 

Two things jumped out as we had our discussion. First, Rick Henderson, who works with our High School and College age kids, was blown away by the biblical worldview of our fellow Twin Cities’ member. He retired from his career so that he could go into these foreign countries in order to teach others about his love for God’s word. That’s unusual in today’s world, but it’s definitely the way God would want us to retire if we ever do.

Second, I was completely surprised to learn about the oppression the Chinese people really live under, and yet the “church” is growing rapidly. It made me feel grateful for the freedom we have in America to worship God as we believe is best. It made me grateful for the calling our church member has to go as a tourist into China and be a missionary impacting the lives of many. 

I hope you’ll stay engaged as we continue our “Recalibrate” series. God wants all of us to live with a radical obedience that impacts the world in which we live and possibly even the ends of the earth. Hope to see you Sunday as we talk about “Reducing Our Pressure.” We live in a time where many feel pressed in on every side. We’ll discover that our Good Shepherd has promised to provide all we need.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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