Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities Church

Woo Hoo! Easter was so amazing! I want to thank you for inviting your family and friends to be with you and experience the Resurrection Factor. Overall we had 500 more people than last Easter and 26 people chose Jesus Christ as the forgiver, deliverer and leader of their lives. Folks, that makes 113 people who have nailed down their eternal destiny in the past 7 weeks. I am in awe of God’s work.

I want to mention three important items as we move toward Sunday. One, our 2010 Plan: 24 Months of Love is now in its fifth month. What are you doing to grow in your love for God and people? As part of the 2010 Plan our staff served together this Wednesday morning at three of the organizations we partner with here in Western Nevada County. What a great experience we had serving together.

Two, our 2010 Plan also has an element where we’re asking every member and attender to take the plunge and join a Small Group. Well, this Sunday is Small Group Launch Sunday. David Carothers will present the Spring Small Groups Booklet and encourage folks to join a group this next week. I hope you’ll take advantage of this.

Three, we begin our new “Recalibrate” series on Sunday. As inspirational as “Hope Rising” was to help us place our confidence fully in God during tough times, “Recalibrate” will be practical. If “everything really is different now” as Tom Peters was quoted as saying, then we had better make sure to build on wisdom that has endured through the ages. We’ll look at the Bible to discover how God says we are to live. I am so excited about this new series and the ability it has to give us new hope for the future.

Recalibrating my life with you,

Pastor Ron

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