Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tangible expressions of compassion

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

This was our sixth year of doing Sisters’ Closet, and it just keeps getting more meaningful for me. Many in our culture point fingers at the church and say, “Where is the love and concern for the hurting?” I wish everyone could see the smiling faces and the tears of women who are awed and surprised by such a tangible expression of compassion. Thank you to Melinda Dudley, Karen Abbot, Nancy Cunningham and the amazing team of 87 women who serve to make this event happen.

It was so cool to let the women know that the very next Saturday they could come back for Kidz Closet and shop for FREE again. We’ll have moms from all walks of life here on Saturday to pick out new “gently used” clothes for their kiddos. If you have kids clothing stored at your house, this is a good time for Spring cleaning. Bring them to the church during business hours or on Friday from 3pm–7pm. The shopping begins at 9am on Saturday.

Serve Our Community is just a week away. It’s Saturday, April 25, 8:00am – Noon. We’ll gather together at 8:00 for a continental breakfast, time of prayer and instructions, then at 8:30 we’ll go out wearing our Twin Cities Cares t-shirts and blanket our community with the love of Jesus. We have around 20 different projects we’re going to engage in together as we step out and serve. You can sign up online or at church on Sunday. Come join us as we serve together. This will be so fun!

This week we will talk about how to really love one another and be the kind of church that people will be drawn to and want to experience. Let’s be more than a crazy church. Let’s be a place where people are real and relational.

Engaging with you to share the love of Jesus,

Saturday Prayer Focus: LivingWell Medical Clinic as they bring “Silver Ring Thing” to our community on Thursday, April 22, 7:00pm here at TCC. Cathy Seapy and the team at LivingWell are committed to helping the teens of our county pledge to sexual abstinence and purity. In 4 years over 3500 students and parents have attended SRT - more than 800 have made a commitment to purity - nearly 500 made a first-time or renewed commitment to Christ!

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