Thursday, April 30, 2015

Celebrating the servant-heart of our church family!

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

This is just one of the emails of gratitude we received this week after Serve Our Community. “The words that come to mind are: AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, and so needed. Thank you for your kindness and support - WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Isn’t that COOL! Way to go church! I am so grateful for the way you served and expressed the love of Jesus to our community.

Kim and I were out of town for the week celebrating our anniversary and had to miss the day. Even though we were not here physically, we were able to celebrate that we get to be part of a family who serves Jesus with their time and their hearts, and we prayed for eternal consequences from your investment out there. I can tell by all the communication I’m reading now that our prayers for long-term results are being answered already. Thank you all for being the hands and feet and eyes and ears of Jesus for all the individuals out there He still wants to reach through TCC.

This is why I say again and again, “God is not through with us! He has a mission for us, and we’ll pursue that mission with Him for as long as we have breath. I feel such love, warmth and excitement for our church. After 23 years, God still sees us as people having hearts after Him, and He keeps blessing us with His presence and supernatural Spirit.

We have another serving opportunity coming up on May 9 called Run For The Community. This event allows us to reach into the running segment of Nevada County and show the love of Jesus to a group of people who might never make it to church. Pastor John and Angel McGregor want you to know that they still need willing servants that morning. You don’t have to run, but you can help us make Run For The Community the best experience for runners and their families. Please call Angel at our office and let her know your desire to help.

We’ll continue our “You Drive Me Crazy” series this weekend by considering the power of our words to either build up or tear down. I am eager to experience God’s presence with you as we worship and learn from Him.

Engaging with you to share the love of Jesus,

Saturday Prayer Focus: Let’s broaden our prayers this weekend and pray for the devastation being experience by the people of Nepal. You’ve seen the images, but there is no way to know the pain and suffering being experienced there. Let’s ask God for physical, emotional and mental relief as we pray for His mighty presence to be experienced and that many would turn to Him for their comfort and strength. If you’d like to give financially or know specific ways to pray here are a couple of recommended resources –

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