Thursday, January 15, 2015

I am so proud of our church!

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I’ve been engaged in praying for you this week, and it’s been so inspiring. As I told you on Sunday, I am so proud of our church. When I wrote a letter that will be included in our annual giving and contribution statements, I was moved to tears in my gratitude for your faith and trust in God that shows itself in your generosity and love for people. I mentioned to the 10:45 service on Sunday that you might read each line of the section of the letter listing the numbers of people we helped or assisted in 2014. Will you do that? You’ll discover that our church is making a huge impact. Each number represents a life and possibly even a home that our church touched with the love of Jesus last year.

On Sunday, I presented our 2015 Church Prayer modeled for us by the Apostle Paul and recorded in Ephesians 1. Hopefully you can watch the service soon if you weren’t able to be there. I received some amazing feedback, and I’m already seeing spiritual fruit as I’ve prayed each day this week. I can’t wait for Saturday when I get to pray for the Christ-based Ministry Partner of the week. Look at the end of this email for this week’s Saturday prayer focus.

I was so bummed on Sunday when I realized that I had forgotten to mention two ways you can jump-start your prayer engagement. First, the Prayer Garden is now officially completed. You can stop by and pray anytime day or night. You can even reserve it for your group if you want to pray with others. Where is the Prayer Garden? It’s outside off the southwest corner of our building (think Children’s wing) next to the parking lot. Stop by and spend a few moments of silence with God. Second, the Prayer Trail signs have been changed to reflect our 2015 Prayer. You can come and walk around our building any time you want and be inspired to pray.

This week we’ll be focusing on Engaging Together in Community. Our Groups Team has done a superb job this winter of giving us even more groups with even more studies to help you engage in your spiritual growth. I hope you’ll be here on Sunday to hear how engagement in a group can stimulate your spiritual growth and development.

Engaged with you,

Saturday Prayer Focus: LivingWell Medical Clinic and their Sanctity of Life emphasis. WE can celebrate that 143 women chose to sustain their pregnancies in 2014 after counseling with LivingWell. Let’s pray that God uses this community ministry partner in even greater ways in 2015.

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