Thursday, December 4, 2014

Showing our community that Twin Cities cares

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I was so moved on Sunday by Mark’s message about releasing my grip on my stuff. I could tell from the response in the room and from the Connection Cards that many of you were as well. Jesus’ outrageous word to the rich young ruler about selling all his stuff and giving it all away was definitely piercing to me. What a challenge to stop and ask myself, “What is it that would be hard for me to give away if Jesus asked for it?” Then I realized that, in some aspect, He has already asked me to do that. It’s all wrapped up in God’s claim on my life and my willingness to see myself as a manager instead of an owner. If you weren’t here on Sunday, make sure to watch the service online. Enjoy the feature song by our band called “Too Much Stuff.”

One way we can engage in wrestling through the struggle of the holiday spirit of consumerism and spending is to participate in our annual Year-End Gift. The purpose of this gift is multi-layered. First, it inspires us to go before God and recall all of His blessings in our lives over the past twelve months. Second, it is an opportunity to go before Him and ask, “God, will You show me what I can give back to You as an expression of my gratitude?” Third, it allows our church to offset some of our expenses during the coming year so that we can continue our support for all the work we do in our community. It also allows us to strategically reach forward and improve what we get to do together as a church family.

Giving to our Year-End Gift is simple. You can give at church on Sunday with a special envelope or give online. In fact, if you haven’t used our online giving option, this would be a good time try it out. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use our secure online giving site through Fellowship One.

I love your generous hearts, church Family. EVERY Christmas basket giving tag was picked over the past three weeks. Soon, our office corridors will be full of huge baskets as we get to bless our community through your generosity. We just found out about a need we can fill for our At-Risk Student Christmas party. They will have about fifty 16-20 year old kids show up, many who have very little or no support from home. In fact, our giving to them may be the only gift they receive for Christmas. Here’s the deal, we have one week to do this. So, will you stop by the Special Events table in the lobby on Sunday and pick up a stocking, then follow the instructions and fill it and bring it back to church on December 14 or to our office by December 15? A $20-$50 investment will go a long way to show the love of Jesus as well as show these youth that “Twin Cities Cares!” Thank you for your generous acts of tangible kindness.

This week we’re going to look at another of Jesus’ outrageous statements. It will reach right at our hearts as it clarifies just what it means to be a Follower of Jesus.

Looking forward to hearing from Jesus,

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