Thursday, December 18, 2014

I wish you could have been here yesterday...

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I was deeply moved by your generosity AGAIN concerning stockings for At-Risk Students. I hate to say this because 2nd service folks will feel left out, but 1st service folks ended up filling 72 stockings. I wish you could have been here at church yesterday as 60 high school age kids received those stockings, a home cooked meal, played games and best of all – laughed. From what we have heard, this might be the only “normal” Christmas event these kids will experience. Many won’t even receive presents. So, our gift was a tangible way of showing them that someone cares. Twin Cities Cares, and as we do, they can begin to grasp the fact that God does, too.

Here’s another really cool thing. Because you gave extra stockings we are able to do a similar Christmas party for 25 students who are part of a new continuing education program for kids 18–25 who, by their own choice, want to get the diploma or vocational training that would allow them to become positive contributors in society as productive citizens. This is a new ministry we’ve just become involved with over at John Muir Charter School. We are currently providing lunch there three days per week. I’d love to see more of you get involved.

Today’s Union newspaper had an editorial about Courage Worldwide, and our partnership with them. What great exposure we’ve been able to garner for this awesome new ministry partner. Courage Worldwide is doing their best to educate us concerning the sexual exploitation of young girls worldwide. Their goal is to build Courage Houses where girls can find a place of healing and restoration as they leave the trap of the sex business. Our next event with Courage Worldwide is a screening of a documentary on January 29 here at Twin Cities. We’re inviting anyone in our community who wants to be involved to come and get informed.

Why is there such a spiritual surge happening in the people of our church? What’s different around here? I believe it can be attributed to the prayers of a few who felt God call them to help raise the banner of prayer in our midst. If you’d like to engage in prayer with these folks, come early on any Sunday at 8:00am and pray with them. They meet in room 136.

This week we’re going to hear the words of another of the Songs of Christmas. We’ll be looking at Mary’s Song of Trust. If you missed last Sunday, please watch or listen before you come. It will inspire you for this Christmas season.

Loving you more than I can express,

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