Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

On Sunday I talked about the value of my Community Group and how they help mentor me. I mentioned that one of the ways they do that when I listen as they discuss the message from Sunday and how it impacted them or missed the point all together. This week Kim and I had a choir concert for our Jordyn and couldn’t make group. Imagine my surprise to get this text from my group – “We’re meeting and no one got your message from Sunday, can you help us out?” I love how they build me up!

I want to reflect more on Sunday’s message and review the key idea. The Good Life that we’re talking about is based upon knowing Jesus better and better. So, if the most important thing I can do is put myself in a position to know Jesus better, then I must give myself to that adventure and ABIDE in Him.

A – Ask Him for insight. This prayer has changed my week and I’ve already had clear answers.

B – Be with others. The concept that Jesus resides in other Followers of Jesus has caused me to tune in to what they have to say because their words may actually be Jesus’ words for me.

I – In-form my mind. We need God’s word in us. Information is a good thing as long as we can measure progress in our Christlikeness. Information must lead to transformation.

D – Do as He commands. How many of us have heard God clearly about an issue or sin or direction, but we’re still stuck. We must take a step and do what He says, and as we do that, we get to experience life with Him.

E – Experience His joy. Jesus wants us to know the same joy He knew as He walked in intimacy and unity with His Father. The Joy of the Lord is our strength.

I am praying that you make every effort to abide and get to know Jesus better.

This week we’ll look at the concept of self-control. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I believe we ALL need this message. Imagine what it would be like if we lived lives under God’s control because we had learned to say “No” to our desires!

Seeking His control,

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