Thursday, April 10, 2014

Goosebumps, the Love of Jesus, and Choosing Gratitude

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I had no idea when we planned our Famous Last Words series that God would use it in our lives in such a dynamic way. I’ve been planning message series now for 22 years, and I usually feel like the series we’re in at the moment is the best we’ve ever done, but this series tops the cake. I love how God has touched us at the core of our being as we’ve listened to these final last words Jesus spoke from the cross.

One person wrote this week: “I wasn’t able to be at church on Sunday, but I’ve already watched the message on the word of Victory. I got goose bumps as I reflected on how much Jesus loves me. I have an anticipation for Easter that is fresh and full of expectation to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior.” I agree.

In each message, we’ve given you some ways we might respond to what Jesus said as He spoke from the cross. Three of them seemed to catch you by surprise. I love it when God does that. The three were: To enjoy Jesus, to rest in grace and to live in gratitude.

I wonder how it is that we’ve allowed the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the greatest words ever spoken become so dry, dull and somewhat meaningless. Could it be that we’ve lost a sense of our own need for a Savior? Could it be that the message of this kind of love has become “white noise” to our ears? Could it be that we just take forgiveness for granted and end up without wonder?

Enjoying Jesus, resting in grace, and living in gratitude are all choices we get to make. We choose our focus. We choose our attitude. It’s been my prayer that I would learn even more how to walk with Jesus through each moment of my day. It’s been my prayer that we would let the message of Jesus transform us and that our church, you and me, would be the most joyful, graceful and grateful people that others have ever met. So, that someone might say, “I can tell those people have been with Jesus.”

Friends, when that becomes our everyday reality, then we’ll truly see people flock to want what Jesus wants for everyone. I can’t wait for this Sunday as we wrap up our series with the Word of Trust.

See you Sunday,

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