Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Full of Gratitude

Hey Friends and Family of TCC! We are moving into the season when we focus on offering gratitude to God for His presence and blessings in our lives and celebrating the birth of His Son! I love this time of year, and so I’m starting now to make gratitude part of my celebration. When we stop to reflect, we can’t help being overwhelmed by what God has done for us.

One way to make gratitude part of everyday life is to begin each day reflecting on God’s presence in your life and then offering words of gratitude for who He is to you. You could also end the day by taking a moment to give God thanks for how He met you in the day – whether it was through an impression, His Word, a friend, a situation that you didn’t expect. I’ve seen some of my Facebook friends using the month of November to list a gratitude per day. I can’t tell you how this kind of exercise helps us change the way we view reality.

I want to share some of the items on my gratitude list to help us see how good God is when we stop to think about Him. Last Sunday was our monthly food drive to help feed those in our community who struggle to have food to eat. We’ve been doing what we can to draw more attention to this opportunity, and you have been responding with great generosity. I received this email after Sunday.

“The food drive was an incredible success, thanks to your great publicity (love those video announcements). We collected and delivered 360 boxes of cereal along with bags and bags of wonderful non-perishable groceries. IFM was very low on grocery bags, and we met that need as well! Love our church family...we could see that all of the groceries were chosen with care, for nutrition and quality. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless all of you and each and every one of those donors! We served 176 families today, non-stop!”

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to consider giving to help our Uganda Partners after the fire damaged and destroyed major portions of the children’s home dorm for the boys. As of this week, you have generously given over $19,000 to help rebuild, restore and replace what was damaged. This will go a long way to helping improve the living condition of the children we sponsor. You are amazing!

At the top of my gratitude list is the generosity of the Twin Cities Church people. I am sharing this to let you know how much your concern for our community and the world inspires me.

Leaning into gratitude,

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