Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Modern Family Life Begins!

Hey everyone, I want to thank you so much for the excitement you helped generate during our Heaven series. A woman stopped me today and said, “I want to thank you for this series. My mom is going to die this week. It’s been such a comfort to know where she is going.” Another person said, “I was so encouraged to know I will see my child again.” Folks, Heaven is a real place for real people with a real loving God.

I have two ideas on how to keep the energy going from this series. One, think of those in your world who need to know how to be sure they are going to Heaven. Begin praying for them and ask God for an opportunity to talk about the reality of Heaven and how to be certain of going there some day. Two, consider engaging in a Heaven study using the Randy Alcorn video series. Many of the questions we didn’t get to answer are covered in that study and his book on Heaven.

On Sunday we start a new series called Modern Family Life. Each year we take time in the spring to talk about relationships. How we relate to one another is a HUGE factor in our satisfaction and happiness in life. The family is the laboratory for spiritual growth and development as we learn to treat one another in a manner consistent with how Jesus wants us to live. It’s not easy to have a home where harmony is felt by all.

Modern Family Life is for everyone – single, married, empty nester, parents and grandparents. It’s amazing how the Bible speaks so clearly about family in a way that also applies to all our relationships. Personally, as I began my study for this series, I realized how much I needed a tune up or refresher on family life.

Looking Forward to Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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