Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everyone, 2012 is going to be a huge year for our church family. It’s going to be a year of change, definition and vision. It’s going to be a year of opportunity, transformation and mission. I am so excited (even in my medically induced state) for what God is going to speak into our lives in the coming months.

I want to ask a favor – you might even call it a special request of you as we begin 2012 with our series called Rhythms. Will you make it part of your normal rhythm, even make it part of your spiritual commitment and discipline, to be in our services every time you’re in town. We will be planning each week with the belief that God wants to speak into our lives, individually and corporately, as a church family. Here’s the rest. When you’re not here, please watch the service online at some point during the week you missed. We have our services online by Tuesday each week.

Our online service allows people to be introduced to our church before they ever come to our facility and stay connected even while they’re out of town. After our last Christmas Eve service, a couple came up to me and said that they watch our services each week online. They called themselves a satellite church of TCC in Virginia. I’ve had people introduce themselves to me and say, “I’ve been watching you online the past months. I feel like I already know you.” Isn’t that cool? Others let me know that they watch our services each time they miss, and they love how connected they are able to stay.

Our U8 team left today for the long trip to Uganda. Will you make it a point to pray for their mission, impact, safety and travel smoothness? Let’s pray with faith that many hundreds of lives will be impacted by the ministry of our people who are going global.

Looking forward to 2012 with you,

Pastor Ron

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  1. That's amazing that people can watch you online; I never knew that you offered that. It's definitely a great way to allow those who can't attend in person to participate.