Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody! I’ve been reflecting this week on the tragic slaughter of innocent lives in Norway. I am often times taken by surprise at the cruelty human beings can inflict on one another – justified by a cause that seems more important than human life. I want to ask you to pray with me for the victims of this horrendous act.

One thing that seems clear to me as I reflect on last week’s message and the permanence of our eternal destiny, is that we are all just a breath away from that reality. And folks, many people in our world are just a breath away from a CHRISTLESS reality. That very truth has always motivated us at TCC with a sense of urgency. We do all we do in order to “Connect As Many People As Possible To Jesus Christ.” That’s our mission. I ask you to pray with me about your involvement in and support of that mission. It’s the most important thing we could ever invest our lives in.

This is why we put our own desires aside. It’s why we serve faithfully to make sure there is an opportunity for people to hear a well–articulated presentation of Jesus Christ. It’s why we exist.

This week in our series, The Jesus Stories, we look at a story that has both challenge and blessing. As we accept the challenge we experience the blessing, and that brings true joy. If you want, go ahead and read Luke 14:15-24 so you can be ready to receive God’s word in your heart this Sunday. The message will be about how to develop a joyful heart.

Having my heart captured with you,

Pastor Ron

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