Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - May 19, 2011

Hey everybody, Wasn’t last Sunday awesome? Snow, rain, wind , and it’s almost summer. We had a great day celebrating joy together. The thing you missed, though, if you weren’t here is my American Idol debut. If you weren’t here, I want to ask you to watch the service and then vote whether I should try out for the next season of Idol. Just kidding. I know I’ve told you that I can’t sing, so it was a huge risk to sing and do it acapella to boot. I so appreciated all the love you gave me.

This series is developing into another WOW season for our church family. I am so blown away by how God works His plan through us. This week we get to talk about peace. I am guessing that most of us would say, “I need more peace and less stress in my life.” At least that’s what I hear a lot as I get to talk with folks. You need Sunday.

This week we will receive our quarterly benevolence offerings, so if this is something you feel inspired or passionate about please come ready to give. We’ve also made it possible for you to give to the Benevolence Fund through our online giving options. You might want to check that out. Our Benevolence Fund goes to help people who need a small boost to help them face their uncertain financial future.

We’re about to move into summer – even though you would never know it by the weather. I want to ask you to do two things with me. As you’re away, make sure to watch the services you miss online. That way you get to know what “the family” back home is experiencing and how God is moving. You’ll also be able to stay consistent in your giving through our online giving service. I use this method of giving, now, and it’s made giving easier and even more meaningful than ever.

Growing through the power of God’s Spirit with you,

Pastor Ron

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