Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - February 10, 2011

Hey everybody, Saturday’s ReThink Leadership is one of those events you won’t want to miss! It’s a chance to be inspired and informed about what God is doing through Twin Cities Church. Please call Nancy today and sign up. It’s for everyone who wants to grow.

I’ve been receiving emails this week from people who have taken the Jabez Prayer Challenge about how God is using the prayer. The most common response so far has been the closeness and intimacy that folks are feeling with God.

On Sunday, I told you one way I pray this prayer. I begin by talking to God about His blessings in my life and seeing life from His perspective. God blesses us each day, but we often have to look for His work. I ask Him, “Show me.” Then I talk to Him about how I want to be an influence for Him. I want to live for more than just the moment. I want to see new opportunities to influence my world for Him. I ask Him, “Use me.”

The next part of the prayer is where I admit my need for Him to work in my life. I let Him know that I can’t do what I know He’s asked of me without Him. I readily admit that I am toast without His power and presence. I pray, “Fill me.” Then I come to that last part of the prayer where I remember that this is a spiritual deal and battle that we’re in. I know that I am not strong enough to withstand every fiery dart from the evil one. I need His protection. So, I pray, “Guard me.”

I end the entire prayer with a special request that all I do would bring glory and honor to His name and that people would see Jesus because of my life’s purpose.

On the Jabez Challenge with you,

Pastor Ron

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